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Amelina is teaching  Vinyasa yoga, where the movement is in perfect cohesion with the breathing. With the differents sequences of postures, we create the dynamics in the physical body and we allow to flow the energy of the subtle body.


 Through the breath we develop, strength, flexibility and balance, we stimulate the vital organs and also allows a better harmonization of the endocrine system.


 During her classes she likes to accompany her students to explore in depth all aspects of the body, to release physical or even emotional tensions.

She leads you in a place where you can experience a deeper body awareness through the practice of movement, breathing techniques and meditation.


Private classes

are an opportunity to improve or deepen your practice with a complete personalized attention.  To guide you step-by-step through various movements and breathwork. 


Targeted exercises which support and improve movement range, strength, flexibility, stability in key areas, something which is lost in a larger group class.


A kind moment to allow yourself to be more connected to your spiritual, emotional and physical body.


It's also ideal for people with special needs such as injuries.

Where and when

Private classe

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