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Sandy Beach
Amelina first and foremost is a beautiful soul. Her yoga practice has touched my heart and soul and expanded me in the time of my life when I needed it the most. Thanks to my yoga practice with Amelina I was able to open my heart even more and be ready for the changes that universe brought my way. She never pushes, she just flows with you at your pace, but also challenges you where challenge is needed. I love my lessons with her. Thank you Amelina for being such a beautiful yoga teacher.

Nasiba Adilova

I had the privilege of receiving yoga sessions from Amelina over a period of several months in Costa Rica and was amazed at just how quickly my flexibility and strength increased. Amelina is definitely one of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever worked with, her knowledge and expertise aside, she has a passion to see the people she works with thrive that is unparalleled. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Naomie Harris

Amelina Soulshine yoga is a yoga practice not to be missed. Amelina creates  thoughtful, challenging and intimate classes. When you arrive on your mat you will be met with calmness and presence. The yoga will be intentional and have great continuity and flow. Challenging and supportive, strong yet subtle.

Be it an hour or seventy five minutes, it will be too short. The music is captivating, you simply won't notice it, blissful and fun.

Amelina is a bright, alluring​ star, creating a special practice."


“Amelina is hands down best teacher i have ever trained with. I have tried to train with new yoga teachers and no one compares. The one and only!!!"

Alexandra Cronan

Amelina is AMAZING!! I have enjoyed practicing with her for a few years during our annual two month visits to Pura Vida.  She is an enthusiastic, patient and super talented teacher who takes great care to ensure her students advance in their practice.  Can’t wait to return to continue our sessions…never the same practicing here in Canada! "

Diane Adlery 

I’ve had the pleasure of attending several group and private yoga classes led by Amelina over the course of 2 years. First off, she is so lovely and has such a sweet soul so if you’re a beginner or if you’re pushing your boundaries to try something new, she provides a safe and comfortable space to learn.

Amelina is so insightful and gives great adjustments during class. I’ve really learned so much from her. I highly recommend her teachings for all levels."


Amelina's yoga classes are among the best we have ever experienced over the dozen or so years we have been taking yoga in Costa Rica and around the world, including a month in India. She is a consummate professional who brings deep knowledge and cheerful enthusiasm to every class. Her classes are well organized with natural and effective"

Rob Butler

Jason jacques

“I started yoga around a year after two massive traumas racing motorcycles that broke my pelvis and both shoulders and most of my ribs. It was a slow road that got me to a point I couldn’t get past on my own. Last year (after 9 years of working on my own) I did 5 months of daily practice with Amélina. We met at Pranamar where I went a lot for my yoga fix, doing classes and giving up in many of the postures. After a couple weeks I realized that Amélina had this magical intuition where she could “see” my blocks and push me through. It was really hard, but I never felt discouraged, always feeling supported in my journey. And somewhere along the way something I didn’t expect happened, the barriers in my busted pelvis were gone. Example. To move a leg forward out from downward dog was a two step process for me, one to get 70% forward and a second where I needed to actually lift my leg the rest of the was with my hand. No longer. Now you think “well you did yoga everyday for 5 months” and think that’s what changed. Not really. I think it was her adjusting me physically along the way and pushing me deeper, helping me break all the scar tissue down. Without her seeing where and how to push, I probably would still be where I was just going to classes. Now I go to classes and my body remembers her adjustments and her directions on what to do. It’s a whole new yoga world for me. Next are my shoulders and neck. While much better than before, I’m still struggling with them. My plan? 3 more months with my friend and trusted teacher Amélina.”
Practicing yoga with Amélina makes my time in Costa Rica so special. The moment she begins practice you are immediately transported to a focused, relaxed, blissful state. Her presence is calming, encouraging, and truly special. Her small adjustments to my postures have been something I carry with me into daily practices. I never miss an opportunity to practice with her!"

Katie Roberson

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